Website Design Packages

Each website designed by us includes:

  • A conference to determine the intent of the website, its overall style (eg casual, corporate, personal), colour scheme, and the best way of repurposing your publicity/background material for your website
  • Two drafts
  • Uploading to your website space
  • Optimised for web search engines (eg Google)
  • A content management system for easy editing by you (or we will do subsequent amendments at an hourly rate)
  • Access to resources to help you edit your site, from basic text changes to creating a whole new site!

Please contact us for a quote which suits your requirements.

Note that domain name registration and web hosting costs are additional, and vary depending on your needs. See Other Related Services further down for more information.

Brochure site - $450

A "brochure site" ensures that you are able to be found on the Internet, and is a single page with your basic contact information and some information about your business or company, or personal interests if it not business related.

It is also an ideal option for businesses which have a number of arms which don't each require a fully developed website.

You may not wish to further enhance your presence on the internet beyond a single page, but if you do, a brochure site can be an excellent first step while you continue to work on plans for a more complete web site. Our websites are scalable, so it is easy to add additional pages and functionality.

A brochure site may include the following:

  • A basic front page
  • Single colour page background
  • Your business logo
  • 1 graphic/picture
  • A brief description of your business
  • Up to 500 words on your business and services
  • Link to your email address (hidden from spam bots)
  • Optimised for web search engines (eg Google)

Complete website solutions

All sites beyond the basic "brochure site" start at $1500, depending on your requirements. Any number of the following features may be included:

  • Dynamic menu
  • Site submitting to major search engines
  • Picture galleries
  • E-commerce
  • Email newsletters
  • FAQs
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • RSS feeds
  • Site search for visitors
  • Ad rotators
  • Customer management system
  • Real-time reporting
  • Weekly email reports
  • Workflow notifications
  • Secure user-only areas

To keep your costs down, we have a large range of templates fom which you can can select to form the basis of your site. The template will be the starting point as the design will be personalised to your requirements. Have a look at Web Templates to browse the range.


The price for setting up eNewsletter facilities and creating newsletter templates can only be determined once we talk about your requirements, as well as how much you wish to do yourself. It can range from $300 for the most basic eNewsletter requirements to $1500 or more for a company with many different types of eNewsletters and multiple complex databases.

The ongoing hosting cost for the eNewsletter is $26/month (paid annually), or is included if you are on our full hosting plan.

Please contact us for more details on pricing so that we can discuss your exact requirements.


Other Related Services

Website maintenance

Websites work most effectively if they are updated regularly. There's nothing worse for someone browsing websites than seeing a page which obviously hasn't been updated for more than six months - they're not even sure if the business still exists!

These don't have to be major upgrades or overhauls of the site - just addition or modification of some information, and perhaps some topical information on your area of business. A regular blog is one option for easy and regular updating. Updates will also improve your search engine rating.

A minimum of three-monthly updates are recommended. Our content management system makes these changes very easy for you to do yourself. Otherwise, we can either organise a regular pre-paid 'maintenance contract', or you are welcome to let us know each time you wish to update the site. Updates are generally $80/hour (minimum of ½ hour blocks), or less under a pre-paid maintenance contract.

Domain name and web hosting

Note that domain name registration (such as and web hosting (the place the data is kept for browsers to access via the Internet) are a separate cost to the website creation, and vary depending on your needs. For example, a .net domain is cheaper than a domain.

We can help you determine the most economic options and set up the domain name registration and web hosting.

Domain name costs

.com or .net (1 year): $40 or (2 years): $80

Web hosting costs

Note that there are NO setup fees. The following prices are based on annual payment. Ongoing monthly payment option is available for a slightly higher price. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

Our minimum web hosting package is $17/month. This includes Sitewalk (content management system for easy editing), 1GB of web space, 100GB data transfer per month, 10 POP email accounts, unlimited aliases, catchall address, mail forwarding, webmail access and web stats.

Our full package, which also includes integrated customer database, ecommerce system and eNewsletters, starts at $42/month.

Hosting for our eNewsletter solution, when not included as part of another web hosting package, is 26/month.

Our sites are fully scalable - start with one of the cheaper options and add modules such as ecommerce as you need them.

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